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coalicon1COAL MINE METHANEMethane, a potent greenhouse gas, is present in many coal mines around the world. Today, methane found in and around coal mines is diluted for the safety of mineworkers – and often times vented into the atmosphere.

coalicon2NEW REVENUE STREAMInstead of wasting this methane, it can be captured and transformed into products such as carbon credit offsets, electricity, and pipeline quality gas. A new revenue stream can be created while reducing environmental impact.

coalicon3FIRE MITIGATIONMethane presence in coal seams can cause or exacerbate coal fires. The extent, intensity, and the migratory path of a coal fire can be estimated by measuring the distribution of methane over and around the fire. Reducing methane concentrations near coal fires can be an effective way to control coal fires.

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