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Fast Forward India (FFI) is an effort to increase computer literacy and graduate rates of young students in Dhanbad, India. The student run organization is completely managed and administered by the enthusiastic students of Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad. To contact FFI directly, please click here.

To achieve professional success in any field, basic computer skills have become indispensable. In a country like India where most people are deprived of basic necessities for life, computer education is a distant dream. FFI started the Jagriti chapter to tackle this problem and bring computer education to the less fortunate members of their community.

The English Speaking Course And Personality Enhancement chapter of FFI was created to improve the English speaking and communication skills, necessary for the modern business environment. English allows the people of India to break through the communication barrier and provides access to infinite resources and opportunities.

Disha was created to provide necessary career counseling to young students. Many students in India forego their education around the 4th grade, in order to work for the family business. This chapter works to motivate students to complete their studies and pursue meaningful and successful careers by providing information on job opportunities and career paths.

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