S. Taku Ide
Dr. Taku Ide founded Koveva with the vision of capturing methane that would otherwise end up in the atmosphere. Methane that is captured may be transformed into a resource capable of providing clean, affordable energy to local communities. Dr. Ide is responsible for optimizing global growth and operations, managing relationships with various investor constituencies and leading advancements in research.

Dr. Ide’s work on underground coal fires and subsurface methane flow patterns is internationally recognized in both academia and in industry. His research appears in a number of peer reviewed journals and a U.S. Patent, “Inert Gas Injection Designs to Help Control or Extinguish Coal Fires,” which he co-authored with Professor Lynn Orr. Dr. Ide holds both a Ph.D. and M.S. in Petroleum Engineering and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, all from Stanford University.

Liam Gannon
Liam Gannon is the GIS Analyst for Koveva, Ltd. He is responsible for the mapping and characterization of methane seepage and coal seam fire locations. He also manages Koveva’s geospatial database and assists in field data collection. Mr. Gannon runs various analysis tools used to better understand coal seam fire and methane seepage characteristics and design solutions.
Bill Flint
Bill Flint brings over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry to his role as Senior Engineering Counsel at Koveva, Ltd. Mr. Flint is responsible for managing activities, well design, creating and implementing strategy, and coordinating business. Prior to his work with Koveva, Mr. Flint worked for eight years with an American Indian tribe widely recognized as a leader in utilizing their natural resources. He was responsible for the technical, environmental, and regulatory oversight of all energy-related matters for the tribe. Major accomplishments included projects to install and activate an interceptor well gathering system to capture fugitive methane gas emissions and their detailed studies. This included facilities installation and numerous tests on coal fire subsurfaces. Prior to that, Mr. Flint worked for 33 years with a major U.S. oil company. He has held numerous supervisory and management positions, including Vice President for North American Oil & Gas Division.
Jerry Bruner
Jerry Bruner joins Koveva with 53 years of experience in the natural gas industry. The first 18 years were spent in the natural gas distribution sector, beginning as a pipeline draftsman and ending as a general superintendent responsible for all operations. In his last 35 years of his career, Mr. Bruner gained experience in natural gas acquisition and marketing with three different companies, two of which he was a Vice President. He excelled in formulating various types of natural gas acquisition and transportation contracts with producers and pipeline operators.Mr. Bruner spent the last 23 years of his career with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe beginning as the Tribe’s natural gas marketer and ending as Manager of the Southern Ute Department of Energy. While employed by the Tribe, he initiated several contracts that brought more than a billion dollars of incremental income.
Debbie Baldwin
Debbie Baldwin joins Koveva as a Principal Geologist with over 40 years of experience in the coal and natural gas industry. She brings a wealth of experience in exploration, development, and mine site geology, having worked in the Illinois Basin, Powder River Basin, Piceance Basin, Wasatch Plateau, Bull Mountains, and the San Juan Basin.

During her tenure with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), Debbie worked as a project manager and a lead scientist for the 3M (Mapping, Modeling, and Monitoring) and 4M (3M plus Mitigation) projects that capture and utilize fugitive methane from seeps in the Fruitland Formation in the San Juan Basin. She also developed a strong environmental and regulatory expertise during her time with COGCC pertaining to methane leakages and abatement strategies.