Koveva strives to define localized, distributed energy markets. To define such a market, four players must be identified: a supply of energy that is otherwise wasted today, local demand near the wasted energy source, a cost effective technology that can transform the wasted energy into a product that is usable by the demand, and financiers who can provide the capital investment to establish the market. We can help each of the four players become connected to an already existing market, or help with the set up of the local market itself.Koveva strives to define localized, distributed energy markets.

ENERGY SOURCE EXAMPLESUncaptured energy sources can include fugitive methane, wasted heat from industrial processes, and geothermal. Some examples of energy that we are capturing or working towards capturing include:

Coal Mine Methane
Coal mine methane from active and abandoned coal mines that are otherwise vented
Fugitive Methane
Fugitive methane seeping from gas bearing basins
Stranded associated gases
Stranded associated gases vented at oil production wells
Waste heat from industrial processes
Waste heat from industrial processes (steel manufacturing, cement plants, paper manufacturing plants, electricity generation)
Waste heat from water
Waste heat from water produced during oil production
Shallow Geothermal Energy
Shallow geothermal energy for direct use (e.g. district heating)