ASPEN SKIING COMPANY: Illinois Basin Methane Emissions Reduction Project

Coal Sector

Koveva conducted field surveys and research on an abandoned coal mine land (AML) in the Illinois Basin on behalf of Aspen Skiing Company (Aspen SkiCo) to help determine the potential of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the area through capturing and flaring.Potential sites in Illinois Basin to capture and destroy methane emissions were identified in the project. These sites can generate carbon credit offsets under the California Air Resources Board’s coal mine methane protocol.
  • Identify locations in Illinois where methane that is otherwise released to the atmosphere can be captured.
  • Demonstrate the ability to detect high methane flow areas without drilling into the subsurface.
Navajo Technical University
• Methane released to the atmosphere from active and abandoned mines in Illinois
• CA companies in the cap-and-trade program
• Enclosed flares
• Investors
• CA companies in the cap-and-trade program