CASTALIA: Colombia Coal Mine Methane Development Advisory

Coal Sector

Koveva was hired by Castalia, a strategic advisory company to perform a technical review of a plan for a coal mine methane project in Colombia.

As a part of the project, Koveva helped define the framework of the project in order to resolve key uncertainties associated with the development of coal bed methane from a specific mine in Colombia.

  • Defined critical tasks that reduce uncertainty of the project outcome.
  • Arranged project tasks such that any potential red flags / project show stoppers are identified early in project life.
  • Redefined proposed project workflow to maximize utilization of existing data.
  • Restructured the project into a phased approach from a one step, lump sum payment approach to reduce financial risk.
Navajo Technical University
• Coal mine methane from coal mining operations
• Electricity for the coal mining operations
• Natural gas for coal mining operations
• Other uses within mining lease boundaries
• Mine methane capture wells
• USTDA (feasibility study)
• Coal mining operator