NAVAJO TRANSITIONAL ENERGY COMPANY: Evaluation of Productive and Economical Uses of CO2

Coal Sector

The Navajo Transitional Energy Company requested for Koveva to determine productive ways to utilize carbon dioxide that is otherwise emitted to the atmosphere from point sources. A three phase project was launched to evaluate multiple end uses of carbon dioxide, including, but not limited to, enhanced oil recovery, carbon capture and storage, enhanced coal bed methane production, and algae growth.
  • Determine economic end-uses, if any, of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be emitted to the atmosphere.
  • Define timelines, risks, cost structures, and economics for promising opportunities.
  • Provide recommendations of actions to NTEC using a quantitative decision tree analysis.
Navajo Technical University
• CO2 that is released from the atmosphere from point sources
• Enhanced oil recovery operations
• Carbon capture and storage operations
• Algae grow facilities
• Coal bed methane production operations.
• Injection wells
• Reservoir simulation
• Plant biology
• Investors
• Operators
• Government (tax incentives)