VESSELS COAL GAS: Mine Methane Emissions Quantification in Somerset, Colorado

Coal Sector
Methane is leaking to the atmosphere from the coal seam outcrops of the Piceance Basin, and Vessels Coal Gas (VCG) is capturing this methane to produce electricity and carbon credit offsets. Koveva provided methane seepage quantification and modeling work to help VCG determine optimal methane capture well locations and designs.
  • Determine high methane seepage areas from the surfaces above existing and abandoned mine workings to determine optimal locations and designs for future methane capture.
  • Demonstrate the ability to detect high methane flow areas without drilling into the subsurface.
Navajo Technical University
• Methane emitted from coal mines
• Electricity grid
• California companies participating in CA carbon cap-and-trade program
• Natural gas-based electricity generators
• Enclosed flares
• Electricity companies
• Investors
• CA companies in the cap-and-trade program